Health Policy


The National Alliance multidisciplinary Health Policy Strategy Committee  discusses and disseminates health policy observations, interventions and recommendations to encourage action on the part of coalitions and their employer/purchaser members.

Health Policy

Educating, Engaging and Leading at Federal and State Levels

The Health Policy Strategy Committee helps the National Alliance educate about emerging issues and strategize how best to act on them together. By building capacity within coalitions to engage more effectively in the policy arena, the employer community can serve as a catalyst for legislative action that results in better healthcare transparency, pricing and delivery at federal and state levels.

Health Policy Initiatives

Employers are the largest single provider and purchaser of health insurance in the US, covering nearly 50% of the nation’s population. National Alliance health policy initiatives and resources amplify this purchasing power to improve health, equity and value.


A Coalition of Allies for Affordable Drug Pricing

Led by the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH), The Employers’ Prescription for Affordable Drugs (EmployersRx) is a coalition of PBGH, the National Alliance, The Erisa Industry Committee (ERIC), American Benefits Council, Silicon Valley Employers Forum, and HR Policy Association. EmployersRx supports policies that would require PBMs to make pricing data available to payers and compel drug companies to report and justify price increases for some medications. The coalition also seeks to strengthen competition and remove barriers that stifle the development and use of generic drugs and biosimilars.
Fair Health Costs

Raising awareness of critical issues affecting the cost of healthcare

The Fair Health Costs Initiative is an Arnold Ventures-backed effort by the National Alliance and PBGH to mobilize employer purchasers, educate policymakers, and advocate for public policies to reduce healthcare prices.

Coalitions In Action

Membership in the National Alliance is a catalyst for state and regional coalitions and their employer/purchaser members to advance key initiatives. Together, they leverage their collective influence to drive health, equity and value.

The National Alliance serves as a trusted source of information on what's new in the policy arena, what can we be thinking about, how policies might impact coalitions and their employer members, and provides an opportunity for us to sign off on many legislative letters advocating for policies in the interest of our employer members.
Neil Goldfarb
President & CEO, Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health