Obesity is one of the leading chronic diseases in the US, affecting more than 1 in 3 adults and serving as one of the biggest healthcare cost drivers. Scientific breakthroughs in understanding and treating the disease of obesity are offering hope and help to patients.       

The New Science of Obesity

A Chronic Illness with Promising Treatments

Research has revealed complex physiological underpinnings to obesity. This is important for employers to understand as they assess benefit design programs and offerings that can impact obesity care and treatment.

Reframing obesity as a chronic disease necessitates a multidisciplinary whole-person health approach, involving care such as lifestyle counseling, mental health support, medication, and surgery, all delivered with a commitment to lifelong condition management.

Obesity in the Workplace Resources

The workplace is an ideal, focused, and efficient channel for improving health. These resources enable employers/purchasers to tackle key contributors to the obesity epidemic.

Action Brief

The New Science of Obesity: Rethinking our Approach

Access to comprehensive obesity care improves outcomes and quality of life and reduces related healthcare costs.

Rethinking how Employers Support the Patient Obesity Journey

This webinar covers one patient's journey to wellness and evidence-based information on the latest science around effective treatments that need to be included as part of a comprehensive benefits strategy.

The New Science of Obesity

Re-educating employees that obesity is a chronic disease requires a concerted effort by employers, providers, health plans, wellness programs, and community-based organizations.
Evindence Update

Evidence Updates: Comparing Two Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Evidence Updates can help clinicians and patients work together to make informed decisions regarding patient care.

Coalitions In Action

Membership in the National Alliance is a catalyst for state and regional coalitions and their employer/purchaser members to advance key initiatives. Together, they leverage their collective influence to drive health, equity and value.

Providing coverage of anti-obesity medications is another major opportunity to improve care outcomes. Employers need to ask themselves why they are treating obesity medications differently from medications for other chronic diseases, and then ask their PBMs how coverage can be made available, and how the plan will ensure appropriate use.
Neil Goldfarb, President & CEO
Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health