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The Employers’ Prescription for Affordable Drugs (EmployersRx) supports policies that would require PBMs to make pricing data available to payers and compel drug companies to report and justify price increases for some medications. EmployersRx also seeks to strengthen competition and remove barriers that stifle the development and use of generic drugs and biosimilars.


Mobilizing large employers to drive down drug costs by educating and influencing public policies

Built on the tenets of transparency, competition, and value, EmployersRx supports public policies that drive down the cost of drugs while preserving true innovation as part of a value-based health care system. Led by the Purchaser Business Group on Health, the National Alliance is one of six industry leaders that form the EmployersRx coalition.

EmployersRx Resources

Over the past decade, the cost of prescription drugs has increased three times faster than the rate of inflation. These resources support efforts by large employers to advocate for public policies based on increased competition, transparency and value.

Policy Objectives

EmployersRx Policy Objectives

Support policies to reduce costs for all purchasers while preserving meaning innovation.
Resource Library

EmployersRx Resources

EmployersRx offers a wealth of resources for employers/purchasers and other allies to address one of the nation’s largest healthcare challenges – the high and rising cost of prescription drugs.

Coalitions In Action

Membership in the National Alliance is a catalyst for state and regional coalitions and their employer/purchaser members to advance key initiatives. Together, they leverage their collective influence to drive health, equity and value.

The US lags Europe in embracing and expanding the biosimilars market. Educating plan sponsors about barriers to broader adoption of biosimilars will enable them to challenge the market dynamics blocking this critical channel to achieve a more competitive drug market.
Michael Thompson, President & CEO
National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

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