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Post-Pandemic Workplace


The National Alliance Coalition Health Advisory Council assesses and develops relevant strategies and materials for employers as they navigate a post-pandemic workplace.

Coalition Health Advisory Council

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to today, the National Alliance has rallied its members and strategic advisors to support employers in coping with ongoing surges and workplace outbreaks; misinformation; vaccine hesitancy; return to work strategies; healthcare disparities; post-crisis planning, and more.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Resources

Employers facing ongoing post-pandemic crisis challenges will benefit from these resources to improve overall health, health equity, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Action Brief

Protecting Employee Health in the Workplace

This 2-page resource helps clear up confusion about respiratory virus prevention recommendations to help protect American families and businesses from another disruptive surge.
Action Brief

Working Well During the Post-Crisis COVID-19 Era

Waves of variants and sub-variants are keeping COVID-19 active, further disrupting employee mental and physical health and wellbeing. Employer and employee Action Briefs offer helpful action steps for navigating post-crisis planning.

Getting Back to Basics

Employers/purchasers play an important role in helping employees and their families get back to basics for today’s healthcare challenges. To support communications efforts, the National Alliance has created infographics and posters in Spanish and English for employers and employees.

Immunizations and High-Value Care

The National Alliance and three of its regional coalition members developed and disseminated a survey to learn about approaches employers are using to encourage high-value preventive care and immunizations, both pandemic and non-pandemic. Over 25 organizations of various sizes responded, revealing insights into how to enhance preventive care and vaccine adoption now and in the future.
Action Brief

Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Myths are common when vaccines come on the market. Instead of focusing on the positive truth that dangerous illnesses can be wiped out, myths based on fear and a lack of knowledge can cause people to reject safe and effective vaccines. These myths and facts will help clear up false information.
Action Brief

COVID-19 Healthcare Impact: The Long View

This issue revisits the potential long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employer baseline healthcare strategies.

Coalitions In Action

Membership in the National Alliance is a catalyst for state and regional coalitions and their employer/purchaser members to advance key initiatives. Together, they leverage their collective influence to drive health, equity and value.

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