Employers want to provide high quality care; however, they are looking at a long time dilemma of providing benefits and coverage that enables access at a reasonable cost. National Alliance has focused on the importance of employer education in cancer care since its initial deep dive report, Achieving Value in Cancer Care was launched in 2019.

Achieving Value in Cancer Care

Strategies for Supporting Employees and their Families

The number of cancer survivors in the US is at a record high. The combination of intentional, focused benefit plan designs; trusted strategic healthcare and benefits partnerships; and attention to health equity issues will contribute to ensuring high-value cancer care in the workplace that leads to even greater gains.

Oncology Resources

The National Cancer Institute estimates the average cost of medical care and drugs is approximately $42,000 in the year following a cancer diagnosis. With cancer patients facing serious debt on top of disease, it’s important for employer-sponsored benefits to consider opportunities to mitigate financial hardships.


Employer Learning Modules in Oncology

As purchasers assess how to best address the impact of cancer care for the workforce, they are looking to improve how care is delivered across the cancer patient experience. The National Alliance developed a series of learning modules that follow a framework from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment, to survivorship, to return to work.

Achieving Value in Cancer Care: Striving for Patient-Centered Care

This report reveals that health plan performance with respect to cancer care and support varies across health plans.
Action Brief

Supporting Employers in Oncology Across the Patient Journey

This action brief series is intended to help employers enhance their Cancer Care Strategy through the Patient Journey.
CAse Study & Report

Mitigating the Impact of Delayed Cancer Care

An employer demonstration project case study and report on the lower than ideal rates cancer care screenings and their downstream effects.

Timely Cancer Care Toolkit

A toolkit to help employers better understand current cancer screening rates and educate employees about the importance of screenings.

Coalitions In Action

Membership in the National Alliance is a catalyst for state and regional coalitions and their employer/purchaser members to advance key initiatives. Together, they leverage their collective influence to drive health, equity and value.

Forward-thinking employers continually seek out best practices to support employees in many aspects of their lives, including those facing the risk of serious illnesses like cancer.
Marianne Fazen, PhD, Executive Director
Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health