Wellbeing Initiative


The Wellbeing Initiative helps organizations understand that there are many aspects of an individual that are as important as physical health such as mental, intellectual, spiritual, financial and social. By addressing all aspects, organizations can chart a path forward to better optimize personal wellbeing — and organizational performance.

Aligning Mental Health and Wellbeing

The National Alliance is working with coalitions and their employer members through assessments, workshops and seminars. This includes promoting an expanded wellbeing framework for organizations, a whitepaper, and other activities to further highlight the connection between mental health and wellbeing — an area the National Alliance has helped bring onto the national radar. With most adults spending about one-third of their time at work, employers are in a unique position to improve mental health and wellbeing. Human resources and benefit executives can play a powerful role in developing organizational strategies that improve employee wellbeing and mental health.

Our Next Steps

The National Alliance continuously considers employer-focused activities and collaborative learning exercises that bring employers together to learn from one another about the importance of aligning mental health and wellbeing.
Mental Health and Wellbeing Whitepaper

Wellbeing Whitepaper

Wellbeing is complex and multidimensional, reflecting many influences.

Achieving Value in Mental Health

Improving Outcomes

The mental health eValue8 includes a wealth of information to improve access and outcomes.

Well-Being Index

Wellbeing Index

The definitive measure of wellbeing in communities, states and across populations.

Featured Coalitions in Actions

Economic Alliance of MichiganEAM’s Maternity Care Project is a resource for Michigan’s expecting and new parents. Established in 2018, the Project’s goal is to help decrease the state’s infant mortality rate. To do this, the Project focuses on informing the public about the dangers of unnecessary cesarean sections and early elective deliveries, establishing Birthing Center Safety Ratings, and providing education on various topics including prenatal care and postpartum depression. Learn more.
St Louis Business Health CoalitionThe number of diabetes and prediabetes cases in the US has reached epic proportions. Recognizing that employers play a significant role in driving community health and wellbeing, BHC members have identified diabetes as an area of focus for their collaborative efforts. Working together, local employers will establish and execute an action plan to prevent, better manage, and reverse type 2 diabetes among employees and their family members. By leveraging this collective impact, we can #DefeatDiabetesSTL. Learn more.

Our Collective Value Agenda:

Uniting and raising our voices together

  • Support employers to enhance business performance by creating a culture where individuals thrive/perform to their fullest potential
  • Uses a “total-person” focus of interrelated dimensions: physical, mental, attitude/outlook, spiritual, social and financial
  • Uses assessments and data that supports engagement, employee retention, and outcomes tied to overall business objectives
  • Influence a shift from programmatic to broader, integrated solutions
  • Evolve success metrics to reflect broader support for mental health and wellbeing in workplaces, workforces, families and communities

"While nomenclature in the current vendor climate has frequently re-labeled ‘wellness efforts’ as ‘wellbeing,’ at its core, a wellbeing approach is focused on engaging people to be their best and enhancing organizational performance."

Joe Checkley, Leader, Wellbeing Initiative