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New Hospital Price Transparency Playbook

On average, employers are paying hospitals more than double Medicare prices. If the same providers were paid Medicare rates for the same services, employers and private plans would have saved nearly $50 billion. That’s why the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions has released a playbook for employers and other purchasers, “Beyond Hospital Transparency: Getting to Fair Price” to help:

  • Navigate the data
  • Understand rights and responsibilities as a plan sponsor fiduciary
  • Determine what a fair price is for hospital services in specific markets
  • Learn about market- and policy-based strategies to drive transparency and change

Employer Playbook on Biosimilars

Employer and other healthcare purchasers grapple with how best to integrate biologics into health and pharmacy benefit plans. The National Alliance has developed this playbook to provide clear information to inform conversations with health plans and other vendor partners. 

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