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Coalition of Employers Demand Fair and Reasonable Pricing for COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutic Drugs

EmployersRx releases guidance to ensure Americans have access to affordable therapies

WASHINGTON – December 7, 2020 – As the COVID-19 crisis will only end when people have access to effective vaccines and therapeutic drugs, the Employers’ Prescription for Affordable Drugs (EmployersRx) urges legislators, manufacturers and providers to ensure fair and reasonable pricing of these shortly anticipated treatments.

A coalition of employers united to drive down the cost of prescription drugs, EmployersRx members include The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance), the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH), and the Silicon Valley Employers Forum (SVEF).

“Employers can be effective and trusted intermediaries in vaccine distribution, especially for essential workers,” said Michael Thompson, National Alliance president and CEO. “Critical will be transparency in their safety, effectiveness and the affordability of that distribution.”

Elizabeth Mitchell, PBGH president and CEO, added, “This crisis has shown that our physical and economic health are intimately linked. We cannot heal either if widespread access to affordable treatment is not assured.”

EmployersRx endorses the following principles to ensure everyone across the nation has access to affordable COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic drugs:

  • No charge for federally purchased vaccine doses – Vaccine doses purchased by the government and distributed to individuals should be provided at no cost to employers, payers and individuals.
  • Establish fair prices for all purchasers – The federal government should establish a fair Medicare price for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic drugs and protect consumers and purchasers from price gouging by allowing all private purchasers to buy these therapies at the same price as Medicare.
  • Prohibit charging twice – Ban supply chain and medical providers from selling or charging for doses of vaccine that have already been paid for by states or the federal government.

“While employers provide health care coverage to over 180 million people and stand ready to pay for COVID-19 vaccines, they should not be exploited by outrageous pricing,” said Lisa Yee, SVEF president and CEO.

Annette Guarisco Fildes, ERIC president and CEO, commented, “It is essential that prices be set at a fair and reasonable level, not just for those in the workforce but for all Americans. Employers and taxpayers paid to help develop the vaccines, and it is imperative that Congress prevent price-gouging for COVID-19 related vaccines and therapeutic drugs.”

About The ERISA Industry Committee

ERIC is a national advocacy organization that exclusively represents large employers that provide health, retirement, paid leave, and other benefits to their nationwide workforces. With member companies that are leaders in every sector of the economy, ERIC advocates on the federal, state, and local levels for policies that promote flexibility and uniformity in the administration of their employee benefit plans.

About Pacific Business Group on Health

PBGH is a coalition of large private employers and public institutions dedicated to transforming health care throughout the country with innovative strategies to improve health care quality and control costs. Representing 41 public and private organizations across the US that collectively spend $100 billion annually purchasing health care services for more than 15 million Americans, PBGH has a long history of developing, incubating and launching successful operational programs on behalf of and in partnership with large employers. PBGH exclusively represents the interests of large employers and public institutions buying health care services on behalf of working Americans and their families.

About National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance) is the only nonprofit, purchaser-led organization with a national and regional structure dedicated to driving health and healthcare value across the country. Its members represent private and public sector, nonprofit, and Taft-Hartley organizations, and more than 45 million Americans spending over $300 billion annually on healthcare.

About Silicon Valley Employers Forum

Silicon Valley Employers is a coalition of over 50 high-tech employers that impacts and influences the evolution of global benefits through innovative plan designs, benchmarking, and administration, while leveraging member companies to drive change in the marketplace. We collaborate on projects and partner with vendors and stakeholders, while respecting the culture, philosophy and benefits strategy of member companies.

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