Mental Health

Mental Health Initiative


Collaborating with key stakeholders and members, The National Alliance is a leading voice on future directions in mental health. We are actively developing consensus for a path forward to promote systemic improvements in mental health and broker solutions for serious conditions prevalent among the US workforce including depression, anxiety and substance use disorders.

The eValue8 Mental Health Module & Beyond

The National Alliance has developed and executed the first ever eValue8™ Mental Health Deep Dive Module. Building on the existing eValue8 infrastructure, this performance assessment focuses on the role health plans and behavioral health organizations play in supporting the collective agenda.

Our Next Steps

The National Alliance continues to prioritize mental health as a key national initiative. Coalition members will contribute to ending the stigma that leads to separate and unequal treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, guiding purchasers to drive change within their organizations and communities. We will work with coalitions and stakeholder partners to drive measurable improvement in cost, quality and access. The National Alliance's Path Forward for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder is realigning market forces to focus on a more sustainable approach that ensures affordable access to high value, effective treatment. Learn more about the Path Forward here.

Featured Resources

Achieving Value in Mental Health Support

Improving Outcomes

The mental health eValue8 includes a wealth of information to improve access and outcomes.

Action Brief - Accelerating Action

Accelerating Action

Employers can take action to drive accessible, affordable mental health care.

Action Brief - Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing

Mental health parity is expanding beyond the need to comply with the law.

Featured Coalitions in Action

Minnesota_Health_action_grouplogo.pngThe Minnesota Health Action Group's Mental Health Guiding Coalition is focused on engaging all health care stakeholders in collaborating and identifying opportunities to "connect the dots" between separate community initiatives, with the goal of driving greater collective impact. The Action Group has received the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award to continue its work in improving quality and access to mental health care for all Minnesotans. Learn more.

Our Collective Value Agenda:

Uniting and raising our voices together

  • Accelerate adoption of Collaborative Care
  • Address disparities in network and pharmaceutical management
  • Determine behavioral health performance metrics and accountability
  • Promote strategies to break the silence and mitigate stigma
  • Reassess the impact of mental health on broader functioning and other healthcare costs
  • Advocate for early identification and intervention
  • Broaden access through telehealth and other avenues
  • Support pharmacogenomics to get to right treatment faster
  • Promote brain wellness
  • Broaden the focus on wellbeing

"Supporting the mental health of our employees and their families is foundational to our organization’s total health and safety agenda. We need our vendor partners to be similarly aligned and this report reinforces key gaps that must be addressed."

Andrew Crighton, MD, vice president of Global Health and Medical and chief medical officer for Prudential Financial, Inc.; member of the National Alliance Mental Health Purchaser Advisory Committee