STAR Captive

STAR Captive Solutions Initiative

Delivering Stability, Transparency, Accountability, Results to Healthcare Benefits

Association health plans (AHPs) were approved for the market with support in June 2018. While an innovative approach to combat rising employer healthcare prices, it has been met with opposition, lacks clarity, and has many carriers and states taking a wait-and-see approach. As a result, the National Alliance developed this initiative to bring together coalitions to work on this effort together. Members continue to monitor AHPs as a viable option for coalition member programming and explore other options for small- to mid-size employers.

Key educational areas of focus include employee benefit captive programs. This allows small-to mid-size employers to self-fund their healthcare programs, yet leverage the stability of being a part of a larger group and a healthier pool as the result of wellness and risk management programs built into the benefits. Additionally, employers benefit from having access to claims data to better manage and make strategic decisions to better manage the cost of healthcare.

Our Next Steps

Launching in late 2019, the STAR Captive Solutions program is an exciting option that any coalition can participate in to foster membership growth and, where available, bring value to group purchasing and educational programs.

Featured Coalition in Action

KBGH-Logo.pngKBGH offers the Star Captive in collaboration with the National Alliance. While a large number of KBGH members are self-funded, we wanted to provide an option for our small to mid-sized, fully-funded employers who wanted to experience the benefits of self-funding without having to shoulder all the financial risk. KBGH staff are working closely with Captive partners on strategies to further engage broker/consultants and employers. Level funded benefit plans have recently also entered this market and KBGH is working to provide both models through a partnership with a local PPO.  Learn more.

Our Value Agenda:

Uniting and raising our voices together

  • Unite like-minded business owners to spread the risk of insurance and reap the rewards of participating in a healthier pool
  • Enable “ownership” of employee benefit programs
  • Focus on organizations with 50-300 enrolled employees
  • Ensure greater health care cost control and stability
  • Strengthen and support member commitment to employee health and wellbeing
“STAR Captive Solutions is a self-insured health fund with individual employers contracts that give members the ability to control their claim costs, learn and apply best practice strategies, and take advantage of a healthier pool of people.”

Bob McCollins, Managing Director, Employers Advanced Cooperative on Healthcare and STAR Captive Solutions Initiative Leader