The National Alliance has received a grant from Novo Nordisk to launch a “National Alliance Obesity Initiative” in the Fall of 2017 with a longer term of producing material impact in the health of our populations through education, policy, population and community health and treatment.  This will entail a sustained, multi-faceted effort that goes well beyond what employers are doing today building on the emerging science and complex chemistry of obesity and well as defining ways to direct employers through a continuous learning and engagement approach. 
This year will lay new groundwork that relooks at the issue through a broader lens. Some key components of our efforts in 2017 will include:
* Development of a playbook for rolling out the Obesity initiative though our coalitions across the country 
* Integration of the playbook and other tools and templates into a National Alliance Portal
* Execution of a limited pool of matching grants for coalitions which conduct workshops consistent with the playbook. 
In 2018, we will consider a National Alliance Obesity Summit that will highlight the work done to date and look at next steps for the future. 


Need more information? Contact Margaret Rehayem