Calibrate is the leading metabolic platform driving sustainable outcomes and cost-effective results by addressing the obesity crisis and the coming wave of GLP-1 usage facing employers. We were founded in 2020 with a northstar to change the way that the world treats weight. We have launched a successful direct to consumer solution with over 20,000 people on the platform now. These Calibrate members have lost, on average, 15% of their body weight with sustained results. With demonstrated results and high engagement, we’re excited to bring our solution to bear on the obesity crisis facing members and their health plan sponsors.

Value Proposition

  • Calibrate drives significant, sustained results (15% average weight loss over the first 12 months) while giving employers control over medication costs and outcomes.
  • Calibrate saves plan sponsors ove $12,000 per member over the course of two years by optimizing the utilization of GLP-1s now indicated for up to 80% of formularies.
  • Calibrate drives down medical claims spend by $3,000+ per person per year.
  • Calibrate puts 50% of fees at risk based on sustained 10% weight loss at 24 months.
  • Unlike many traditional weight loss programs that involve coaching, Calibrate members meet with their coaches face-to-face over Zoom (as opposed to texting).

Description of Client Base

Calibrate commercialized into the employer market earlier this year and we will be launching our first clients in Q322. Our typical client size is 1,000+ employees enrolled in the employer health plan.
Additionally, we have proven results from the 20 000+ Calibrate members on our platform today via our direct-to-consumer platform.

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