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Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Our Work With PCORI

The National Alliance has been working with PCORI since 2016. PCORI is an independent, nonprofit research organization that seeks to empower patients and others with actionable information about their health and healthcare choices. Through the work we do with PCORI, the National Alliance shares evidence-based research relevant to employers and other plan sponsors to support informed decision-making for employees and their families. In addition, the National Alliance provides input into a wide range of PCORI’s activities, representing the needs of purchasers, from refining and prioritizing research questions for potential funding to offering feedback on ways to engage patients and employers as partners in research to the dissemination and uptake of evidence.

Advancing Research and Building Awareness through a Multi-faceted Approach

  • Spreading Awareness through an award from PCORI’s Engagement in Research program, the National Alliance lays the groundwork for disseminating PCORI-funded research findings to spread awareness and increase knowledge about those findings.
  • Interactive Learning including webinars that bring together National Alliance coalition and healthcare industry leaders, principal investigators, and others to fulfill commitments funded through PCORI’s Engagement Awards and ensure a broad audience has access to trending research.
  • National Reach grows when National Alliance leaders convene meetings with advisors, reporting on findings, sharing expertise, and exploring pathways to create more meaningful patient engagement, through collaboration with PCORI.

A Shared Vision With PCORI

The National Alliance has been working with PCORI since 2016, sharing the belief that empowering patients and others with actionable information will allow them to make better informed health and healthcare decisions.

Recent National Alliance Engagement with PCORI (timeline)

2023-24 Dissemination Award—Cycle 4

Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Council – Enhancing broad dissemination

2023 Capacity-Building Award

Mental health access, measurement-based care, and workplace support

2022 Capacity-Building Award

Healthcare Innovator Incubator Program - Vendor discussions to advance patient outcomes

2021 Capacity-Building Award

Optimizing patient outcomes across stakeholders

2021 Dissemination Award—Cycle 3

Develop employer only advisory council to improve employer awareness and uptake

2021 Dissemination Enhancement Award

Focus on dissemination of COVID information

2021 Capacity-Building Enhancement Award

Employer benefit and workforce directions due to COVID-19

2019 Dissemination Award—Cycle 2

Enhancing the dissemination process to improve employer engagement

2019 Capacity-Building Award

Enhancing employer engagement in the PCORI research agenda

2017 Dissemination Award—Cycle 1

Develop a process to provide patient-centered findings to employers


Featured Resources


How Patient- and Family-Centered Hospital Communications Reduce Medical Errors

Even with significant efforts to improve care, medical errors in hospitals that harm patients still occur at alarming rates, causing substantial avoidable financial and human costs. Employers can play a key role in demanding clear communication protocols and accountability among healthcare teams, improving health literacy, and empowering employees to advocate for themselves and their loved ones to drive costs down and safety up.
Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration report

A Relational Roadmap Toward Whole Person Health

This report calls for a revolutionary shift in collaboration, moving beyond the limitations of traditional methods. Our aim is to spark action plans across communities, forging a path towards a healthcare system that prioritizes whole-person health and thrives on shared dedication.

Behavioral Health Vendor Engagement Template

Unlock better benefits. Enhance healthcare with this easy-to-use tool. Employers, integrate it to monitor providers and drive continuous improvement for your plan members.

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Upcoming Webinar

How Patient- and Family-Centered Hospital Communications Reduce Medical Errors

PCORI: Improving Outcomes Important to Patients

PCORI funds patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) studies and related projects to address questions important to patients, caregivers, clinicians and others within the broader healthcare community. They also fund awards to promote engagement in research, dissemination and implementation of research findings, methodology research and the development of research infrastructure.

PCORI’s work is anchored by its National Priorities for Health, goals that inform funding opportunities. Find a list of all open funding announcements, as well as upcoming and past opportunities, on PCORI’s website.

Main Contact

Greg Martin

Funding Opportunities

What PCORI Funds

PCORI funds patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) and related projects that address health issues facing people in the United States. By highlighting comparisons and outcomes that matter, PCORI works to provide access to useful, trustworthy evidence people need to make informed health and healthcare decisions.

The  Funding Opportunities section of PCORI’s website lists all open funding announcements, as well as upcoming and past opportunities.