Readiness & Resilience: Preparing for the "2nd Wave"

A Data-Driven Approach to Community Transformation

Our president and CEO, Michael Thompson, and Sharecare founder and CEO Jeff Arnold sit down to discuss their shared vision of promoting health and well-being in communities across the U.S. on a hyper-local level, and Sharecare’s leadership role in community transformation across the U.S.


Measuring Well-Being for Healthier Communities

Michael Thompson
and Jeff Arnold explore how the National Alliance and Sharecare can work together to disseminate Sharecare’s proprietary health and well-being insights to employers. As our health and well-being needs evolve over time – like in the current pandemic and as we move into recovery – these insights help employers understand how the environments where their workforces live, work and play contribute to their overall health journeys.

Technology for a New Normal

As communities across the country lift stay-at-home orders and begin reopening for business, Michael Thompson and Jeff Arnold discuss how technology and community partnerships will play a powerful role in tracking changes in behavior as well as mental and physical health as populations adjust to a new normal.

Readiness & Resilience: Preparing for the 2nd Wave

Building healthier and more resilient communities takes a village – especially as employers, insurers and local leaders navigate the current public health crisis and plan for a safe return to a new normal. Recently, our president and CEO, Michael Thompson, spoke with Jeff Arnold, founder and CEO of Sharecare, about the vision both organizations share of improving health in communities across the U.S. With data-driven tools and programs such as the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index, Blue Zones Project and COVID-19 readiness resources, Sharecare is helping accelerate well-being transformation in workplaces and communities as their needs and behaviors change. Together, Sharecare and National Alliance endeavor to help employers create cultures of health and well-being as they navigate today’s public health challenges and pursue healthier futures.