Obesity Initiative


In late 2017, the National Alliance launched a number of activities under the umbrella of a “National Alliance Obesity Initiative” with the overall goal to move the needle on how employers and other healthcare stakeholders engage with this complex topic. Ultimately, we seek to measure the impact of our populations' health through meaningful metrics developed through education, policy, community health and treatment. We have been developing a multi-faceted effort that goes well beyond what employers are doing today. This approach includes building on the emerging science and complex chemistry of obesity and define ways to direct employers through a continuous learning and engagement approach.

In 2018, we laid the groundwork with the following activities to rethink our path forward and determine areas of impact. The key areas include:
  • Building a guidebook to define a multi-stakeholder approach to engagement in addressing obesity as a disease
  • Launching an obesity portal to provide broader support to coalitions focused on understanding
  • Implementing a matching grant program with 10 coalitions who are hosting workshops consistent with the guidebook to start a new approach of stakeholder engagement and to ensure a baseline understanding of obesity as a disease.
  • In March 2018 we hosted a National Leadership Summit on Obesity where there was a robust discussion on issues related to the evolving science and recognition of obesity and the related barriers related to stigma, the rollout of the National Diabetes Prevention Program, and emerging innovations and best practices from employers and vendors.

Access the Obesity Portal

Next Steps  

Going forward, we look to build on the learnings from our initial launch, collaborate with national leaders and continue to evolve a framework that can be executed both in engaging employers and other stakeholders in regions across the country.

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