Getting it Right: A Multi-stakeholder Approach to Precision Medicine

Research published in March 2018 estimates non-optimized medication therapy results in 275,689 deaths and costs more than $528 billion per year. Medication errors occur in 3.8 million inpatient and 3.3 outpatient visits a year. We are at a turning point where precision medicine trumps population health approaches that don’t optimally serve complex patients. Access to life-saving medications is at an all-time high, yet we still struggle with delivering the right medications to the right people, in the right doses, at the right time.

The GTMRx Institute brings together the stakeholders keenly affected by this issue to overcome barriers and advance systematic, appropriate and effective use of medications. Together, we’re working to avoid wasting the dollars currently being spent by employers and their employees on medications that do not produce desired outcomes.

This webinar will explain why employer coalitions, employers and other stakeholders are becoming involved in this important work to transition from a trial- and- error system of medication use to a patient-centric one.