Wellbeing Initiative


For the better part of two decades there have been substantial efforts among employers to improve employee health, wellness and productivity – with uneven results. This has led to a growing consensus that a new framework is needed. One that can shift a company and its culture toward a more engaged and productive workforce; one that looks to the overall well-being of people as a foundational tenant. and can be shaped and embraced by and for the benefit of our employers, our communities and our health systems.


In early 2016, thought leaders from across the country engaged with the National Alliance in a thoughtful and rich dialogue about the role and benefits of wellbeing. From this dialogue, the Wellbeing Initiative was born and with it, this inner circle has been developing a foundational approach that, at its core, looks at the influence of and benefits of wellbeing to employers, communities and health systems.  The following mission was developed: To be a recognized, leading voice advocating for and demonstrably improving the well-being of individuals and their families through and to the benefit of employers, communities and healthcare delivery.

 Over the last two years, a number of activities have been developed including:Wellbeing_Flower.jpg
  • Developed a Wellness Leadership Team that meets throughout the year and provides strategic direction to the Initiative
  • Formed specific sub-teams that provided thought leadership on the four key areas: Employers, Families, Communities and Health Systems
  • Creation of a Wellbeing Maturity Model that highlighted specifics areas employers can focus on to support enhancement of their current approach
  • Developed a webinar that provided an overview of Wellbeing for employers and the value this approach can provide their organizations
  • Created an Employer Workshop focused on providing an overview of the science of wellbeing and in-person activities that allowed employers to complete an organizational assessment and determine initial steps to take back to their organization. The Workshop was launch in February 2018 in Florida


      National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, Copyright (c) 2018

Potential Organizational Benefits 
Culture of Wellbeing

  • 33% higher profitability (Gallup) 
  • 43% more productivity (Hay Group) 
  • 37% higher sales (Shawn Anchor) 
  • 300% more innovation (HBR) 
  • 51% lower turnover (Gallup) 
  • 66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes) 
  • 125% less burnout (HBR) 
  • Addresses “social determinants of health" 


When people thrive in ALL FIVE elements compared to only thriving in Physical Wellbeing only:  

  • 41% fewer unhealthy days 
  • 2X more likely to adapt well to change 
  • 36% more likely to fully bounce back after an illness 
  • 65% less likely to be involved in a workplace accident 
  • 23% more likely to donate money 
  • 43% more likely to have volunteered 
  • 81% less likely to look for a new job (ability to retain talent) 

     Source: Gallup 2016 


In 2018, we will be reaching out to other coalition members and out into the community to gage interest and provide additional education on Wellbeing. We are also seeking grants to help with the development of additional activities that will support coalitions and employers to dive deeper into developing and implementing their own strategy.