Value Based Marketplace


The National Alliance and our member coalitions have continued to play a major role in defining and helping to bring about a Value Based Marketplace. Keys to that include promoting greater transparency on both cost and quality, educating and supporting employers on key tools and drivers, engaging and supporting consumers with incentives and tools and promoting alternative payment methodologies that reward and recognize value not volume. 

In 2017 and 2018, we started to take a fresh look at this agenda, examining what has worked and challenging our assumptions where results have been mixed by:

  • Reviewing the emerging evidence and starting to reshape our vision of how we can be more successful in an age of healthcare consumerism. Our webinars, Action Briefs, stakeholder engagement, innovator programs and policy positions have placed greater emphasis on greater advocacy and support, value-based design, simplification of the consumer experience, actionable approaches to transparency and real time support.
  • Recognizing the uneven results that have emerged in attempting to influence and improve the health of our populations. We are now rolling out programming through our coalitions that emphasize the evidence-based practices of leading companies that have moved the dial while helping to reorient our approaches to have greater focus on culture, trust, personalization and alignment with the talent agenda.
  • Rethinking the value purchasing agenda in an era of broad networks and significant provider consolidation. We are working to define, educate and promote advanced Primary Care and bundled payments with a renewed emphasis on advancing greater alignment and transparency of Accountable Care arrangements, elimination of waste, improvement in pricing equity and scaling of alternate payment mechanisms.
  • Challenging a dysfunctional drug marketplace with runaway pricing, misaligned incentives and an increasing loss of credibility and trust. By facilitating a common agenda, we are educating on the issues, assessing performance and as appropriate, will step in on behalf of purchasers to tackle these complex issues.

We will continue to engage, challenge and influence coalitions, purchasers and stakeholder partners in our deliberations and together we will emerge with an updated Value Based Marketplace agenda that will realign our efforts over the next decade to drive better health, outcomes and value across the system. 

Waste Survey

National Alliance conducted a survey with Benfield, a part of the Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation Consulting Practice, to identify employers’ perceptions and actions related to waste in the healthcare system.

Click here for the news release on findings and recommendations.

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