"Matching Funds" Grant Program


  • Educate employers on ways to support their rethinking of how obesity is delivered to their employees at the worksite
  • Highlight strategies to delivering obesity programs that includes a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Gather success stories from coalitions across the country and highlight tools and resources via online portal 

Grant Activities 

  • Develop a “Guidebook” that provides the “how-to” for a multi-stakeholder approach (employers, providers, health plans and other key stakeholders) as well as highlights successful Coalition approaches
  • Execute a “matching funds” grant program that allows coalitions to develop a program
  • Launch an online resource portal focused on Chronic Condition Management 

"Matching Funds" Grant Program 

  • Coalitions can receive $5,000 when they can show matching funds to create a ½ program or similar activity that aligns with the strategic specifications outlined in the Guidebook
  • Interested Coalitions should submit an application that will be evaluated by a Review Committee 


  • Submission Process Opened: November 1st 
  • Deadline for submission: December 6th
  • Awards Announced: December 15th  
  • Activities must be completed by: May 31, 2018
  • Submit Summary Report: within 30 days of program completion


Grant Submission Criteria 

  • Has the ability to complete grant activities by May 31, 2018
  • Can demonstrate the ability to secure matching funds using one or more of the following:
    • Monetary support from attending vendors and/or health plans
    • Coalition revenue
    • Other (needs to be approved)
  • Has relationships in place (providers, health plans) that can participate in the agenda   
  • (Optional) Can highlight a regional DPP Program or is interested in offered this program
  • Has selected a venue to run the half-day program
  • Will show an outline of the program agenda  along with a budget
  • Must complete a summary report, 30-days post program - (template will be provided)
  • Future Planning: Can highlight 1-2 areas they will look to pursue after the program