SurgiQuality forces surgeons, surgery centers and hospitals to compete for surgical patients based on cost and surgeon’s outcomes measures, such as number of cases performed, success and complication rates. The platform is a powerful solution for black employees to level the playing field, when seeking surgical care.

Using a personalized concierge service and a HIPAA-compliant medical record distribution platform, surgeons review patient records, validate necessity of surgery, offer alternatives to surgery, and enter past outcomes. Patients are empowered with tools to compare surgeons using procedure-specific outcomes measures and then can make well informed decisions.

Value Proposition

  • Personalized concierge service
  • HIPAA-compliant medical record distribution system (not available in the marketplace)
  • Procedure-specific quality scoring of surgeons (not available in the marketplace)
  • Solution for racial disparities in surgical outcomes (not available in the marketplace)

Description of Client Base

Fortune 100 companies have embraced the solution and are expected to begin using the platform in the coming months.

Main Contact

Director of Business Development

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