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Lark Health is a digital health company aimed at delivering 24/7 scalable, accessible chronic condition prevention and management coaching. Through the use of conversational AI, connected devices, remote patient monitoring, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, Lark is poised to help millions improve their health to manage and reduce their risk of chronic disease. Lark’s platform seamlessly integrates with health plans’ and employers’ existing healthcare infrastructure to support their chronic care prevention and management programs.

Value Proposition

  • AI-driven approach reduces reliance on human capital, increasing ability to scale across entire population at fixed, low cost
  • Clinical outcomes that match or exceed those of human-led programs at a fraction of the price
  • Mass enrollment and engagement capabilities to promote utilization across diverse populations
  • Hyper-personalized programs to encourage proactive and sustainable healthy habits, resulting in increased wellbeing and performance
  • Emphasis on participant self-management to ensure long-term health outcomes and self-care between physician visit
  • Demonstrated success in typically hard-to-reach populations, such as those living in health provider shortage areas (HPSA) and ages 65+

Description of Client Base

Lark works with enterprise employers, health plans, health systems, and partners with care navigators.

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