Hydrogen Health

Hydrogen Health is a data-driven, national virtual primary care clinic that combines clinical services with a technology-driven solution to close the primary care gap, address the current sick care system, and drive referrals when necessary to high-value provider assets with closed-loop EMR data integration.

We provide a full-spectrum, high-quality primary care solution that can identify, diagnose, and treat dozens of complex chronic conditions without the need for in-person care. By utilizing both secure text and video channels 24/7, Hydrogen Health provides highly accessible, user-friendly primary care that actively closes the primary care gap for millions of members.

Value Proposition

  • Our patients experience a full spectrum of primary care services, both digitally and virtually, to diagnose and treat dozens of conditions while also delivering mental health care, and rapid prescription refills.
  • From our platform, patients can engage our artificial intelligence layer(“K”) 24/7, enabling them to utilize a personalized health dialogue/symptom checker to receive a “patient-like-me” output that shows the most likely diagnosis for their symptoms and the recommended treatment modalities.
  • Patients are in control and can elect to connect within minutes to a provider for further discussion and immediate treatment as clinically appropriate.
  • Our virtual primary care solution is “always on” and accessible to members 24/7 – but most importantly it is easy to use and fits into the seams of the member’s life. As a result, in our work with thousands of employers, we are seeing engagement rates 3x-4x larger than traditional telemedicine solutions.

Description of Client Base

Hydrogen’s virtual primary care solution delivers high-quality care that is data-driven, evidence-based and maintains continuity of care while substantially reducing costs.

Our current client base includes over 6M members through a combination of health plans and direct-to-employer contracts, with anticipated future growth to over 10M members by the end of 2022.

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