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apree health

  • Navigation: One-stop shop for health and benefits information with targeted messaging that drives users to low cost, high quality care digitally or through a human touch.
  • Personalization: Better health outcomes through relevant and prioritized recommendations specific to individual health needs leveraging a diverse set of data sources.
  • Ecosystem: Best-in-class partners across condition management, personal wellbeing, and lifestyle tracking.
  • Pace of Innovation: Bring new products to market and improve existing products at an unprecedented rate leveraging our Clinical Advisory Board and leading employers.
  • Results/Engagement Expertise: Dedicated team focused on driving engagement in healthcare decisions and delivering proven results.

Value Proposition

apree health currently serves ~250 customers of all sizes across 25+ industries for more than 20M lives. We are honored to serve many of the nation’s most innovative and respected employers, across multiple industries. apree health has a proven track record implementing extremely large organizations, including 50+ Fortune 500 employers, institutes of higher education, nonprofit entities, and provider groups. Several of our clients have information publicly available noting they are apree health clients that include AT&T, Ford, GM and Pepsico.

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