National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions is a non-profit, membership association of employer-led coalitions. Established in 1992, National Alliance purchaser-led coalition members across the United States represents more than 12,000 purchasers and 45 million Americans, with healthcare spending estimated at more than $300 billion. These business coalitions are composed of mostly mid- and large-sized employers in both the private and public sectors in nearly every major metropolitan area and multiple rural locations. National Alliance members are committed to community health reform, including an improvement in the value of healthcare provided through employer-sponsored health plans and to the entire community.


Collectively empower purchasers to drive innovation, health and value for our companies, our communities and our country

  • Develop programs and resources that support regional coalitions across the country
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration, networking and sharing among member coalitions
  • Execute strategies that allow regional coalitions to be more relevant to “national stakeholders” – enables us to be more than the sum of our parts
  • Serve as national face of coalitions publicly and helps lead and coordinate our collective interface with national stakeholders
  • Engage with others to help to define “next generation” strategies for our coalitions, companies and communities


The National Alliance is a recognized leader of transformational change across the country

  • We have helped to define and are nationally recognized as a leading facilitator of a Value Based Marketplace
  • Healthcare innovation has shifted to bend the cost curve and produce higher value for less cost
  • Health and wellbeing have become fully integrated into human capital strategies and overall organizational success
  • Regional innovation and experience lead to rapid learning, knowledge sharing and national adoption
  • Our healthcare purchaser coalition members bring clear value to their local markets and contribute to achieving our collective mission