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Main Contact: Justin Riele 
Marketing Strategy and Alliances
Phone: 925.997.5865

New Mental Wellness App Press Release

Big Health’s purpose is to help millions back to good mental health. To do this, Big Health creates Digital Medicine: fully automated and highly personalized behavioral medicine programs for mental health.

Big Health’s first solution, Sleepio, is a digital sleep improvement program featuring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, and helps individuals learn the skills to overcome insomnia and improve their anxiety and depression.

With offices in London and San Francisco, Big Health’s products are now being used by large multinational employers and major health plans to help improve the sleep and mental health of over 1 million people across 60+ countries.

Value Proposition

Sleepio is backed by gold standard clinical evidence and to date has been the subject of 33 papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals and 8 randomized controlled trials. Through our research partnership with Oxford University we have developed the world’s leading research pipeline in digital health.

Description of Client Base

Our current client base in the US are large, self-insured employers representing over 1 million covered lives and including several Fortune 500 companies. Current clients include Google, Comcast, The Home Depot, The Hartford, Genentech, Delta Air Lines, and General Mills, amongst others.


Main Contact: Jennifer Hunter 
Founder & CEO
Phone: 216-214-0281

emVitals is a scalable high-touch technology solution that engages individuals along the continuum of emotional health to enable prevention, early identification and connection to care. emVitals partners with employers and providers to deliver a comprehensive, culturally specific, outcomes-based emotional health strategy, shifting from reactive behavioral health to a proactive emotional health model. emVitals transforms the way behavioral healthcare is delivered and makes it easy for employees to access personalized support to address their emotional health needs.

Value Proposition

  • Traditional behavioral health benefits are reactive and crisis-focused, supporting individuals only after symptoms disrupt their lives. emVitals engages individuals along the continuum of emotional health, shifting from reactive behavioral health to a proactive emotional health model.
  • The emVitals behavioral health and well-being questionnaire, easily accessed on any web-enabled device, offer immediate results, helping employees identify emotional health symptoms early and creating a personalized pathway to care.
  • Advanced analytics tools allow employees and providers to track treatment effectiveness and enables organizations to analyze population level trends in real time.

Description of Client Base

HemVitals works with self-insured employers, care providers and solutions partners across a variety of industries and settings.


Main Contact: Nancy Oliker 
Head of Enterprise Marketing 
Phone: 952.210.7191

Happify Health offers digital, emotional health solutions to help address the challenges and costs of stress, anxiety and depression for employees. What makes Happify Health unique is our ability to attract, engage and retain employees at industry-leading levels that achieve measurable results. Typical activation rates average 20% - 25% with over 40% of users remaining active after 6 months. We achieve this through a proprietary blend of evidence-based science, leading-edge technologies and other high engagement levers. Best of all, our platform is effective with 86% of users reporting improvement within 2 months with regular use. Our platform is 100% software based and offers 24/7 access in the most commonly used formats -- Web, iOS and Android. In addition, the platform is now available in 7 languages including English. For more information:

Value Proposition

What makes us unique is our ability to activate, engage and retain users through our proprietary blend of science, technology and gaming that make our activities and interventions highly engaging and effective. In addition, our solutions take advantage of leading-edge technologies like biosensors/HRV, artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality. Our activities and interventions are multi-disciplinary drawing on the best practices of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction. We are not just a mindfulness app or a resilience app but blend these disciplines to create robust activities and interventions designed to meet an individual's preferences and needs. In addition, our Happify platform can meet the needs of a multi-cultural population with in-language/in-culture versions of Happify available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese & Japanese.

Description of Client Base

Happify Health works with a variety of clients from large employers to different types of health care payers. Happify Health values the privacy of its clients. Our contracts preclude us from sharing their names without their expressed written permission.


Main Contact: Brian Kemper
Vice President, Integrated Care
Phone: 1-317-503-4703

One Drop is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing, data science and certified health coaches to transform the lives of people with diabetes worldwide. We’re taking a big data approach to diabetes by using over 1.3B data points and predictive modeling to empower everyone with diabetes to make better decisions together. Our highly personalized approach enables better self-management which leads to improved clinical outcomes and cost savings over time. Learn more at

Today, One Drop offers subscription services directly to people with diabetes, as well as to employers, insurers and health care providers. For more information on helping your organization lower the cost of care, email us at

Value Proposition

  • consumer-centric design with seamless integration of wireless medical devices, best-in-class mobile app and certified diabetes educators as health coaches
  • proven clinical outcomes with reduced HbA1c and cost of care over time
  • community approach where users share data to enable better decision making
  • automated decision support using 1.3B data points to predict future diabetes control
  • holistic offering includes ability to track metrics such as physical activity, medication, food, weight and blood pressure and educational content to support health lifestyle choices

Description of Client Base

  • OneDrop is the most popular digitial diabetes solution worldwide available in 195 countries with nearly 1M registered users.
  • OneDrop's wireless glucose meter and test strips has a CE market and is 510K approved with availability in 30 countries including the US, UK, EU and Canada.
  • The OneDrop solution is used by leading healthcare companies in all major regions including Sanofi, Dexcom, Aetna and many others.


Main Contact: Mazi Rasulnia
President & CEO
Phone: 205-821-1704

Pack Health provides digital coaching, across 25+ conditions, to persons with living with a chronic condition. Through synchronous and asynchronous communication we personalize education, care coordination, and coaching to address the root causes of poor outcomes and utilization of health-care services.

Value Proposition

Pack Health is different from key competitors in the following:

  • supports 25+ conditions covered across therapeutic areas
  • provides validated metrics and outcomes, in depth reporting
  • Includes care coordination and navigation support

Description of Client Base

Pack Health has 68 active business relationships across several healthcare sectors including health systems such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Maryland Health System, pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk, Genentech, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Payers/Employers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, University of Alabama Birmingham, Regions Bank, and Associations such as American Cancer Society. There are a total of 1,400 active members (patients) being engaged in the solution. To date we have engaged over 10,000 members and have contracted for 28,000 lives in 2019.

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Main Contact: Todd Martin 
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer 
Phone: 443-874-5923 

PinnacleCare is a personal health advisory firm that connects individuals and organizations to the world’s most advanced healthcare and facilitates access to top specialists for a more streamlined and personalized healthcare experience. Through relationships with world-class physicians and top medical Centers of Excellence, PinnacleCare extends a broad range of healthcare support and more efficient access to top quality care for improved outcomes and reduced waste. For more information, visit 

What unique value proposition does your organization provide and how do you differentiate from key competitors?

  • PinnacleCare structures our Member experience to provide highly personalized guidance and ongoing advisory resources through an assigned, dedicated Health Advisor.
  • The Advisor remains engaged with the Member through the entire decision-making process, drawing on the full range of PinnacleCare resources including medical researchers, physicians, specialists, a curated national network of Centers of Excellence (COE), and employer health partners to help assure that all available resources are engaged to support the overall well-being of the patient.
  • PinnacleCare’s unique holistic approach focuses on the Member’s physical, emotional and financial health, for a healthy return to life and work.
  • One-on-one attention empowers individuals to make informed medical decisions
  • We are “humans helping humans”, focused on providing a unique Member experience and optimal outcomes.

Please provide a description of your client base including any large existing clients

PinnacleCare serves over 100 clients, many of which are large national employers. Examples include Pfizer, M&T Bank, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Allstate. Through our individual and group benefit offerings, including strategic partnerships; over 2 million lives have access to PinnacleCare services.

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Main Contact: Jim Wachtel 
EVP Sales and Marketing
Phone: (312) 286 - 3044 

Renalogic has led the dialysis cost containment industry since 2002,pioneering a proprietary pricing method that is legally sound and provides the best defensible administrative record for our clients.

Now we are changing how employers think about dialysis. Cost savings is important but cost avoidance is better. In 2014 we launched our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP)™ with Registered Nurses across the nation specialized in renal care and case management to help members manage critical life choices to prevent the progression to dialysis.

What unique value proposition does your organization provide and how do you differentiate from key competitors?

Dialysis Cost Containment

Since 2002, we have saved employers $1 Billion on dialysis costs through our cost containment methodology.

  • Proprietary pricing methodology delivering up to 91% off total billed charges
  • Creates the most defensible administrative record
  • Proprietary full carve out process

Please provide a description of your client base including any large existing clients

We serve all levels of employer groups: enterprise, small, medium and non-profit through our valued relationships with Taft Hartley Plans, Brokers, Networks, Third Party Administrators and direct business relationships.

Main Contact: Tracy Baldwin 
Founder & CEO 
Phone: 650-867-0015 

RokketMed is the "Expedia" for healthcare. RokketMed's open agnostic consumer marketplace currently has 7,500 walk-in clinics across the U.S. These clinics represent approximately 300 medical services ranging from basic vaccines, minor illness, to chronic disease management within retail clinics. More urgent complex care needs like I.V. therapy and X-rays for broken bones are delivered with our urgent care settings. Our self-pay transparent pricing gives consumers more choice and delivers convenience. By closing the information gap around care services within these clinics we know we can keep consumers out of expensive ER's saving employers and consumers millions in unnecessary costs.

What unique value proposition does your organization provide and how do you differentiate from key competitors?

  • Largest aggregated platform of retail and urgent care clinics across the US
  • Provider options driven off chief complaint search
  • No log-in or membership fee

Please provide a description of your client base including any large existing clients

To date, RokketMed has had over 20,000 consumers access the direct to consumer marketplace. Currently, we are in conversations wiht 5 self-insured employers of which can't be named at htis time. However, we anticipate making a more formal annoucement in early 2019. These employers represent a diverse cross-section of industries: a small trucking company, a large consulting firm, a mid-size manufacturing company, and a construction company.

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Main Contact: Bryan Noar
VP Strategic Partnerships
Phone: 619-296-6001 x 248

Established in 1999, SelfHelpWorks is the trusted choice of hundreds of employers and their wellness vendors (Humana, Bravo Wellness, HealthFitness, Virgin Pulse, etc.) for eliminating costly, hard-to-impact employee health risks.

SelfHelpWorks’ user-friendly online interventions bridge the gap between health coaching and therapy. They help employees eliminate deep-seated behavioral drivers of chronic disease that resist standard behavior modification techniques:

  • Obesity / unhealthy eating
  • Tobacco
  • Stress / low resilience
  • Insomnia
  • Physical inactivity
  • Alcohol
  • Poor diabetes management

The interventions are effective, scalable and low-cost. Most importantly, employees love them! Take the demo tour at to see why.

Value Proposition

SelfHelpWorks enables organizations to help their employees eliminate costly behavioral drivers of chronic disease that resist standard wellness programming – at the lowest cost per successful intervention.

Main Differentiators:

  • Efficacy: Proprietary training process combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles with health coaching best practices to eliminate the psychological drivers that make certain habits so hard to break.
  • Engagement: HD video and smart technology combine to deliver a highly engaging experience that simulates live 1-on-1 training – at a fraction of the cost.
  • Single Solution: Offer each employee a personalized set of solutions for any or all major behavioral drivers of chronic disease.

Description of Client Base

SelfHelpWorks serves about 1,000 end-client organizations in all, some directly as a stand-alone solution but most as a white-labeled integrated solution within the online portals of wellness vendors. A few examples include Go365 (Humana), Bravo Wellness, HealthFitness and Virgin Pulse. End-clients vary in size from under 100 employees to a number of Fortune 100 companies.

Although SelfHelpWorks can service any size organization directly, including health plans with hundreds of thousands of members, large employers typically ask for the SelfHelpWorks solution to be integrated into their wellness vendor's online portal.

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Main Contact: Yossi Bahagon
Chief Medical Officer
Phone: 1.917.745.4816

Sweetch is a clinically validated mobile-health platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to significantly increase users’ engagement and compliance with essential health promotion, chronic disease prevention, and disease management recommendations.

In a clinical trial conducted by Johns Hopkins, Sweetch achieved 86% engagement rate and clinically significant effect on weight loss, physical activity increase, and Hemoglobin A1C reduction.

Sweetch’s AI-powered Behavioral Intelligence Engine converts data collected from the user’s smartphone and other connected devices into contextual, hyper-personalized, just-in-time just-in-place, recommendations. By applying predictive analytics, Sweetch automatically optimizes its recommendations based on identifying an individual’s high compliance patterns and real-world capabilities. This results in an increased likelihood of action and ultimately improved outcomes.

To maximize its efficacy, Sweetch integrates robust behavioral science approaches alongside persuasive technologies inspired by mobile gaming, social empowerment, and gamification worlds.

Value Proposition

  • Clinically validated
  • Deep tech -based on advanced Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learnign algorithms
  • Scalability – Sweetch is a game-changer because it succeeds in bringing unprecedented personalization together with high-end scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility – Sweetch is a holistic user interaction management platform and is ideal for being seamlessly customized to different use-cases – promoting health in healthy people, preventing chronic disease in at-risk people and improving clinical outcomes in those with established chronic diseases.
  • Partnerships – based on the client’s needs and preferences, Sweetch offers flexible deployment pathways – from partial branding to white-labeling to full integration with the client’s existing disease management solutions.
  • High cost-efficiency – being an AI-based solution enables Sweetch to encourage outcome-based business models – no outcome, no income

Description of Client Base

Sweetch’s B2B clients span across U.S., EU, and APAC and include payers, providers, self-insured employers, pharma and medical device companies.


Main Contact: Larry Baird
VP Business Development
Phone: 804-994-7713

FusionHealth's SleepCharge is a "Center of Excellence" for population sleep health solutions, provided throughout the United States. Sleep deprivation is at epidemic proportions in our country, and current solutions are costly and ineffective. Fusion Health provides population engagement, consistent access and presonalized delivery of care for health plan members with sleep problems.

Value Proposition

SleepCharge is a Center of Excellence for all sleep problems. Participants have a comprehensive, patient-centered value based solution that enables greater access to care. We accomplish this by combining digital and human clinical support. Help is delivered, provided and paid for differently.


  • Comprehensive solution including healthy sleepers, problematic sleepers, and those with discrete sleep disorders
  • Scaled end consistent - National access covering your entire population with Center of Excellence standards and protocols
  • Professional Human Support leveraging the latest in digital healthcare technology to deliver personalized outcomes
  • We show results including the impact on healthcare costs, accidents or other KPI's and quality of life measures for each particpant before and after they enter a SleepCharge program
  • Value-based fee structure - We only get paid when someone is positively diagnosed and opts in to sleep treatment or joins a therapy program using your existing healthcare spend while eliminating waste and cost

Description of Client Base

Fortune 500 companies:

Delta Airlines, Southern Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Old Dominion Freight Lines

Top 20 Privately held companies include:

Pilot Flying J (#11)

Other Public/Private Companies Include:

El Paso County, CO, SAIA Freight Lines, Southeastern Freight Lines, Pitt Ohio, Langdale Industries, Washington Surburban Sanitary Commission, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages

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Main Contact: Marcel Legrand
Chief Revenue Officer
Phone: 917-838-9879


With 44M Americans suffering from a mental health condition and over 50% of mental conditions going undiagnosed, it’s no surprise that mental health issues that affect employee productivity and performance are at an all-time high.

Total Brain is an innovative mental health & fitness platform that looks at the entire set of interconnected brain capacities that drive an individual’s performance. Through careful assessment, screening and benchmarking, we provide scientifically-based mental fitness programs that help improve deficiencies in individual brain capacities that can hinder employee productivity and negatively impact your bottom line.

Value Proposition

How it Works:

  • Assesses and measures an employee's brain capacities
  • Screens for risk of common mental conditions
  • Reviews assessment scores and compares results aainst benchmarks
  • Recommends training exercises to improve and increase focus, positivity, sustained - attention, planning skills, emotional control and more
  • Value-based fee structure - We only get paid when someone is positively diagnosed and opts in to sleep treatment or joins a therapy program using your existing healthcare spend while eliminating waste and cost

Description of Client Base

Total Brain serves a wide range of customers from F500 firms like Boeing, Nationwide and Accenture to Clinics like Stanford, Amen and Rutgers University to channel partners and Healthcare providers like Castlight, Aetna, Welltok, Mercer and OneDigital to name a few.


Main Contact: Glenn Beers 
Employer Channel Lead 
Phone: 215-431-9182

ViaCord offers families quality, innovation and confidence as a leader for 25 years and part of global healthcare leader PerkinElmer. Our service is rooted in science but driven by a commitment to the future health of families. Every year, PerkinElmer laboratories process more than 500,000 samples for newborn screening, whole genome sequencing and cord blood and cord tissue banking. We stand behind our quality by publishing the outcome from all our cord blood transplants. To date, we have the highest published transplant success rate of 85%+.

Value Proposition

  • ViaCord is part of global healthcare leader PerkinElmer - which over the last 20+ years has tested more than 6 million newborns for health conditions
  • ViaCord stands behind its quality as the only company to publish its Transplant Success rate (85%+)
  • ViaCord offers families the option of genomic testing along with cord blood and tissue banking
  • ViaCord is a category innovator driving advancements in cord blood and tissue processing, storage techniques as well as novel applications for cord blood cells in regenerative medicine

Description of Client Base

Within the purchaser channel, ViaCord engages with employer coalitions and fully and self-funded employers of all sizes within both the public and private sectors. Special attention is focused on employers with significant female populations of child-bearing age. Increasing awareness and ease of access are prime goals in collaborating with our customers.


Main Contact: Cheryl Jacobs
Director of Marketing and Corporate Comms
Phone: 312 - 224 - 7219

Guided by a core purpose of making people healthier, Vitality is the leader in improving health to unlock outcomes that matter. By blending smart tech, data, incentives, and behavioral science, we inspire healthy changes in individuals and organizations. Vitality brings a global perspective through successful partnerships with the smartest insurers and most forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 7 million people in 14 countries engage in the Vitality program. For more information, please visit

Value Proposition

  • Achieving what matters through improving health
  • In an industry that continues to shift its focus to the latest rends, we deliver what matters by staying true to our core purpose: Making people healthier and enhancing and protecting their lives
  • We offer a comprehensive approach to health which incorporates scientifically and clinically proven elements to have the greatest impact while integrating the initiatives that are important to you
  • Rooted in the most sophisticated applications of behavioral science, incentives and technology, our premier Active Rewards + Apple Watch programs tackles the physical inactivity epidemic through two approaches: Active Rewards and Apple Watch

Description of Client Base

We service clients from 75+ employers and up. We have a variety of programs to fit their needs regardless of industry, geography, size, etc. Some of our clients include Antea Group, Baylor College of Medicine, HealthCare Partners, Hines, McCarthy Building Co., McKesson, MRI Software.


Main Contact: Michiel Rauws
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 415 - 964 - 6874

Michiel Rauws used to be a mental health patient 10 years ago, and that is why he founded X2 AI - a company that provides emotional support through conversations with an AI Chatbot. Over 8,000,000 people have paid access to the service, and thousands of employers. 6 published studies, 4 in review, and over 10 ongoing studies are proving the efficacy of the service. X2 has customers in three verticals.

Value Proposition

Differentiation from competitors in bullet points, in order of importance:

  • 8,200,000 people have paid access to the Tess service.
  • Lowers depression (-28%) and anxiety (-18%). Backed by 7 published research studies.
  • If needed, our network of 5,000 counselors can take over conversations.
  • Get started for as little as $1 - $25 per active user.
  • No app to install, implementation within a day by promoting the Tess phone number.
  • Self-learning proprietary machine learning algorithms; 8y+ development.

Description of Client Base

X2 works with partners such as:

  • EAP: IBH EAP, American Behavioral EAP, Cascade EAP, Reliant Behavioral Health, Acacia EAP,
  • EAP Vendors: R3 Continuum, EAP Expert, LifeAdvantages, IntroVentions
  • Employers using Tess: Coca Cola, BBVA Compass, Crayola, Saint Elizabeth
  • Providers: Public Health Department County of Monterey, Nemours Health System Research Partners: Stanford, Northwestern University, Duke University