Exhibitor Profiles


AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, social welfare organization with a membership of nearly 38 million that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families — such as health care, employment and income security, and protection from financial abuse.  Enhancing the quality of life for all as we age—not just serving our nearly 38 million members—is our mission. At its heart, the work that AARP and its affiliates do can be summed up in just 12 words: “We fight for and equip each individual to live their best life.” It’s all about real possibilities.


Expert Medical Opinion/Expertise on Demand:  The way we deliver services remains unique in the industry.  We believe Relationships Save Lives and our 450+ employees who are actively practicing, academically appointed, board certified Physician Case Managers (PCMs) are the ones developing those relationships with members.  Members have access to Expertise on Demand (EOD) on a 24/7 basis…they can call unlimited times and speak with a PCM about the most trivial to the most complex health care issue.  Our data indicates that members call us for Expertise on Demand 40% of the time and 60% of the time for Expert Medical Opinion (EMO).  Our analytics show an average hard dollar savings of $10,000 per case and an NPS of 78.  Members have high success and satisfaction with our programs because our PCMs are there throughout the process, helping patients with diagnosis and beyond Expert Medical Opinion with advocacy and navigation.


Cappa Health provides the most high-touch digital health programs delivering results for the obesity and chronic behavioral health related epidemics in the U.S.  Cappa uniquely pairs mobile Registered Dietitians with CDC-approved content focused on nutrition, movement, mindset, and recovery driving sustained engagement and meaningful weight loss outcomes with forward-thinking organizations across industries.  Cappa's focus on qualifying and setting success expectations with participants, use of only Registered Dietitians as coaches, and participant choice to use any device makes them the premier behavioral counseling solution in the marketplace. Add to that their performance-based pricing (which guarantees value), and they are an easy option for any size organization. 


Caregiver Action Network (CAN) is the nation’s leading family caregiver non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age. You probably know someone who is caring for an elderly mother with Alzheimer’s, or a child with autism, or a partner with cancer. You might be a family caregiver yourself. Most people who are caring for someone at home are also working a full- or part-time job. In fact, most family caregivers (62%) are between the principal working ages of 25 and 54. Caregiving takes a toll on their jobs and their livelihoods. A majority of caregivers (52%) feel their career is negatively impacted by their caregiving situation. CAN developed the Assisting Caregiving Employees ACE Program as part of its mission to serve the nation’s family caregivers.


DHS Group works with companies and health plans to improve population health outcomes and healthcare cost savings through an advanced data warehouse, an advanced analytics platform, population health science and member engagement tools called HealthSpective. HealthSpective’s data warehouse and analytics platform is a reliable, time-sensitive and engaging solution that integrates the full spectrum of both health benefits data and wellbeing applications through a single sign-on program. Inside the platform, a complete range of benefit management needs are addressed including; benefit strategy, benefit administration, population health and engagement and wellbeing programming. DHS Group is both HIPAA trained and SSAE16 certified.


Happify Health offers digital, emotional health solutions to help address the challenges and costs related to stress, anxiety and depression for employees. Through the power of high engagement we know how to attract, engage and retain employees at industry-leading levels that can then achieve measurable results. We achieve this through a proprietary blend of evidence-based science, leading-edge technologies and other high engagement levers. Our highly personalized experience is 100% software based, offered 24/7 via Web, iOS and Android and is available in 7 languages including English.


MyShapers Mission: To empower health care providers, employers, public health organizations and parents to inspire a lifetime of healthy eating & activity habits for children ages 6 to 11.The acclaimed MyShapers Nutrition and Activity Management Program was founded in 1978 as a nutrition education program for adults, reaching thousands across Northern California who participated in MyShapers workshops offered by Kaiser Permanente and other health groups. Today, MyShapers is a complete six-week online program for children ages 6-11 that uses music, interactive videos and home-based activities to gets kids and their parents to eat better and move more. The MyShapers Children Better Eating and Activity Program (MyShapers.com) is a self-paced program of behavior modification, nutrition education and activity management.

novo_logo.jpg Novo Nordisk, a global health care company, has been committed to discovering and developing innovative medicines to help people with serious chronic conditions lead longer, healthier lives with fewer limitations. We’re working toward a future where fewer people get chronic diseases, everyone is diagnosed, and all patients receive adequate treatment.

Real Appeal uses clinically proven research together with an engaging online experience to deliver sustainable lifestyle changes at scale. Real Appeal is a pay-for-performance provider committed to helping people make the small changes necessary for larger long-term results. The program combines interactive videos, live online group discussions, and customized personal coaching to support participants with all the tools necessary for sustained behavior change. Real Appeal provides a fresh approach to avoiding the financial and human cost of weight-related diseases. It’s a truly revolutionary health care program for corporations and their employees.


Vitality changes the economics of healthcare by integrating expertise in wellness, insurance, and technology to change behaviors to improve health. By driving engagement in healthier lifestyles, Vitality provides benefits from day one to members, employers, and society. Vitality brings a global perspective through successful partnerships with employers of all sizes and best-in-class insurers around the world, in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, China, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan. Drawing on behavioral economics, Vitality supports, guides and incentivizes individuals to improve their health, and then prices their risk dynamically over time based on their engagement in the Vitality program. This shared value insurance model results in material benefits shared between the employer, insurer, members and society. Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Ltd., a global financial service organization. The Vitality program currently serves more than 7 million members in 14 countries around the world with plans to launch in an additional 10 markets over the next two years.