The National Alliance received a grant from Novo Nordisk to launch a “National Alliance Obesity Initiative” in the Fall of 2017. This includes a sustained, multi-faceted effort that goes well beyond what employers are doing today and builds on the emerging science and complex chemistry of obesity that defines it as a disease. 
We are already laying the groundwork to reframe this issue that is impacting multiple stakeholders including employers, providers, and health plans. Below are some of our initial efforts:

  • The launch of a Guidebook that supports National Alliance Coalitions across the country in developing impactful programs in their markets. 
  • This year, recipients of the 'matching funds' grant program are conducting half-day programs that incorporate a multi-stakeholder approach showcasing 'obesity as a disease'. 
  • Development of tools and templates that support effective implementation of best practices in impacting obesity, which will be found on a newly developed portal hosted on the National Alliance website (Under construction)
On March 14, 2018, the National Alliance will be conducting an Obesity Summit that will bring thought leaders from across the country to share their expertise and insight. Click here to learn more and register for the Summit. 

Need more information? Contact Margaret Rehayem