The National Alliance has received a grant from Novo Nordisk to launch a “National Alliance Obesity Initiative” in the Fall of 2017 with a longer term of producing material impact in the health of our populations through education, policy, population and community health and treatment.  This will entail a sustained, multi-faceted effort that goes well beyond what employers are doing today building on the emerging science and complex chemistry of obesity and well as defining ways to direct employers through a continuous learning and engagement approach. 
This year will lay new groundwork that relooks at the issue through a broader lens. Some key components of our efforts in 2017 will include:
* Development of a playbook for rolling out the Obesity initiative though our coalitions across the country 
* Integration of the playbook and other tools and templates into a National Alliance Portal
* Execution of a limited pool of matching grants for coalitions which conduct workshops consistent with the playbook. 
In 2018, we will consider a National Alliance Obesity Summit that will highlight the work done to date and look at next steps for the future. 
Coalitions interested in "Matching Funds" grant program should complete submission by November 21, 2017

Need more information? Contact
Margaret Rehayem