Spring Summits

Join the National Alliance in Dallas for our 2018 Leadership Summits that will deep dive into four areas: Healthy Minds, Obesity, Caregiving, and Culture & Community. 


Healthy Minds

  • A CEO’s Perspective on Optimizing the Mental Wellbeing of a Workforce
  • Emerging Evidence in Brain Health, Effective Prevention and Personalized Intervention
  • Leveraging the Interplay of Mindfulness, Resilience and Total Health
  • Unleashing the Power of Flow in Your Workforce


  • Reflections on our Journey - A look to the Future
  • Obesity as a Disease - Progress, Pitfalls and Path Forward
  • Lessons Learned from Employers Who Have Moved the Needle on Obesity
  • Innovations in our Approach to the Diabetes Prevention Program

Day 2


  • Understanding Our Unsung Heroes - The Caregiver Experience
  • Caregiving Strategy - The Business Case - Why this will be the Next Big Thing
  • Practical Advice from Leaders - Supporting Caregivers across the Spectrum
  • Empowering Caregivers as a Force Multiplier for Better Health and Wellbeing

Culture & Community

  • Sustainable High Performance through a Culture of Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion
  • The Meta-Leaders - Connecting the Dots Across and Beyond the Organization
  • Transformative Community Health & Wellbeing in Action - How is it happening
  • Coalitions, Communities and Culture - What’s Working, Where do we Go From Here