eValue8™ Media/Communications Guidelines

Effective communication requires collaborative and productive relationships between NBCH, coalition members, health plans, and employers engaged in the eValue8™ process. In the interest of preserving the integrity of the eValue8™ brand and the credibility of its results, we respectfully ask that all parties use the following guidelines when communicating about the tool:

Materials Development

  • Materials Review – NBCH respecfully requests the right to review any materials using the eValue8™ name or logo, including press releases and or promotional materials, to ensure accurate messaging. It is our intent to respond regarding these materials within two (2) business days. Please submit all requests in writing to Cary Conway.
  • Consistent Information – We ask that several key points (included below) be included in local market media materials to ensure consistency of communication about eValue8™, including but not limited to the use of the eValue8™ logo and boilerplate information. 
  • National eValue8 Results Materials – NBCH will provide approved media materials and a supply of completed press kits on the national eValue8™ results to local market teams for reference and use in local market media relations.
  • Regional and Local Market Results Materials – Regional and local health plans and coalitions will provide completed and approved press releases to NBCH for use in distribution to national and vertical media as appropriate. Media contact names from local markets will remain on these materials.

Overall Media Relations Guidelines

  • Timing/Handling of Media Announcements – For greatest communication impact, we ask that local announcements be closely coordinated and timed to follow any national announcements by NBCH. NBCH will look to local coalitions to communicate on behalf of all local market participants and other organizations, or consultants, are asked not to speak with media unless specifically requested to do so.
  • National Media – NBCH will handle all national media contact with respect to eValue8 results, working in conjunction and collaboration with member coalitions in local markets as needed. The intent is to:
    • a. Streamline media contact to avoid multiple practitioners calling about the same story to national and vertical outlets.
    • b. Present a uniform message and cohesive effort to media (in which national and local market messages and spokespeople are presented).
    • c. Issue national announcement followed by and in parallel with local market launch/es.
  • Regional & Local Market Media – Local coalitions are responsible for outreach to media and organizations in their local market or region, unless otherwise arranged by NBCH’s Communications staff. They are encouraged to create locally specific materials, and we ask that the national press kit be used along with local materials to ensure consistency of message whenever possible.
  • Media Strategy – Cary Conway, Director of Communications, Foong-Khwan Siew, Director of eValue8™, and the eValue8™ Steering Committee will strategize with respective public relations teams in local markets to discuss national messaging, roll-out, timing, contacts, pitching and interview facilitation.

eValue8™ Descriptors

We ask that all local market materials include the following descriptor in all materials related to eValue8™:

  • Managed by the National Business Coalition on Health, eValue8™ is an evidence-based resource created by business coalitions and employers like Marriott and General Motors to measure and evaluate health plan cost, quality, and performance

For press releases, please use the following boilerplate:

eValue8™ is an evidenced-based resource created by business coalitions and employers like Marriott and General Motors, to measure and evaluate health plan performance. Managed by the National Business Coalition on Health, eValue8 asks health plans probing questions about how they manage critical processes that control costs, reduce and eliminate waste, ensure patient safety and improve health and health care.

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