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Where we're headed

By Michael Thompson posted 06-22-2017 12:11


Welcome to our new 'online community' for the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions!  We know the power of the National Alliance is for our members and stakeholders to connect and collaborate on common issues and opportunities across the country.  But collaboration will not be enough if we don't have leadership - of thought, of purpose, of passion - to inform and influence our collective path forward!  Fortunately, the National Alliance has no shortage of leaders - through our Coalitions, our Purchasers and our Stakeholders.  The launch of “Leadership Perspectives” will provide a great forum for any of these leaders to step out in front and share concise insights and strategies on key issues. As a blog, this should not be a one way conversation - we all are potential contributors to a thoughtful, challenging and engaging dialog.  So let's get started!

We have just gone through an incredible period of "Health Reform in Transit" that, at the end, has left us sitting in the station. What is clear is that health coverage  provided through Employer and other Purchaser organizations will continue to be the bedrock of the healthcare coverage in this country for the foreseeable future.  The potential shift to a bi-partisan approach approach may be the first step to rationally modifying the ACA to stabilize the Individual and Medicaid markets in the short term.  But every healthcare segment is vulnerable in the long run if we don't collectively deal with the cost and value agenda by moving toward a Value-Based Marketplace.  Now is the time for purchasers and our coalitions to weigh in even more strongly to this debate and use our collective voice to educate and advocate for more rational, relevant and sustainable health reform!