2018 Leadership Summits Overview

Once again, the National Alliance is pleased to bring together leading thinkers across a spectrum of key issues to share perspectives and help to shape our collective path forward.


Through our Leadership Summits, employers, our coalitions and other stakeholders will come away with a fresh view on how to better define the opportunities and issues in these key areas while bringing away key strategies that can will be critical as they advance these agendas in the next year and years to come.

This year’s Leadership Summits will uniquely focus on four key areas: Healthy Minds, Obesity, Caregiving, Culture and Community.  

  • The Healthy Minds Summit will look at the multi-dimensional elements of understanding and promoting an emotionally healthy workforce that will perform at their best.
  • The Obesity Summit will take a fresh look at one of the key issues of our day, the obesity epidemic, what are we doing that has promise and what aren’t we doing to turn this issue around.
  • The Caregiving Summit will focus on the next big opportunity for employers – better understanding, supporting and leveraging the caregivers within their workforce.
  • The Culture & Community Summit will look at the bigger issues and success factors in developing a culture of health, wellbeing and performance within our companies and our communities  


We know employers/purchasers can individually and collectively through our coalitions, help to drive impactful change to move these agendas forward and we expect our Leadership Summits will help to shape a path forward to help make this happen!

What you should expect:

  • Fresh perspectives on issues and opportunities from thought leaders across the country
  • Practical and advice on strategies and tactics to take back to your organization
  • Networking opportunities with purchasers and other key change agents
  • A healthy and welcoming venue of stakeholder collaboration and community